Parents, how can you help your child prepare for the patent?

help your child prepare for the patent

Is your child in ninth grade? He therefore passes the first exam of his academic career at the end of the school year: the college diploma. To prepare him as well as possible and accompany your child towards the patent, the Student gives you the advice of psychologists and teachers.

To fully understand the preparation of the patent, in particular the few weeks which precede the passage of the examination at the end of college, the parents have an essential role in the management of the stress .  How to accompany your child who is preparing his patent without suffocating him and reassuring him? Here is the advice of those who accompany them during their schooling in college, psychologists and teachers of National Education.

Help your middle school student identify their strengths

“The first thing, for you to be in tune with your child, is to know what the certificate represents, what they are going to be asked of him , and in particular when speaking, where the emotional charge is often greater, details Fabienne Fichot, principal assistant at the Croix d’Argent college in Montpellier (34).

Lisa François, clinical psychologist specializing in adolescents, is formal: with the approach of the patent (or any other examination for that matter), there is no point in putting exacerbated pressure on your child . Quite the contrary.  “You have to make your child an actor of his destiny. Don’t forget that a teenager is a human being pushed to the extreme and that the more you impose things on him, the less he will do them.

“Give him the weapons so that he has self-confidence, tell him that he is capable of it, emphasize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses without concealing them. He must be able to put failure into perspective “, confirms a psychologist from the National Education.

Patent Coaching 2022 : understanding what is expected and preparing for the tests

The approach to the exam is a time of high tension. Your children will no longer be able to “catch up with time”, so you have to offer them moments of decompression. ” Make them happy with little attentions”, continues Fabienne Fichot.

But you also have an educational role, without replacing a teacher of course. “You can guide them, support them, give them some revision keys, but without overwhelming them with work or instructions, continues Stéphanie Personelli, head teacher at a college in the Toulouse suburbs.  Help them vary their way of learning . learning, in the reformulation and in the exchange, especially for the oral tests. Offer them fun quizzes, question and answer games…

You are necessarily the person best able to meet the needs of your child. “You have to support him and know his most effective mode of revision , adds Lisa François. Does he have a visual, tactile or auditory memory? Then you can guide him accordingly with the method best suited to his qualities.

Take a step back and stay positive

If your children eat more and have trouble falling asleep, don’t panic, it’s a normal reaction. “It is important to accompany them as well as possible around bedtime so that they have a restful sleep and to feed them accordingly , with priority, starchy foods and vitamins”, adds a psychologist in an educational environment.

Finally, help them take the necessary step back. ” There is a lot of continuous control in this exam , and it will not determine the future of your children, nor their orientation : they will know their assignment in high school on the second day of the patent, therefore, normally, when they leave the last ordeal”, assures Stéphanie Personelli.

“You also have to reassure them about their weak points, concludes Fabienne Fichot. You can miss one or two tests and have your patent. The point system allows it, so stay positive and persuade them that they are capable of succeeding. A teenager in construction legitimately doubts him. It is up to you parents to reassure him, to be positive. Finally, above all, do not reflect your stress on your child, it would be counter-productive!

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